Culture and entertainment

Discover the cultural heart of the area directly from the Donauhotel Lettnerhof.

Clam Castle in Klam near Grein

Distance: approx. 17.9 km | 18 min. journey time by car 
Clam Castle is no ordinary museum, but an inhabited and fully furnished medieval castle. It has been inhabited by the Clam family for over 550 years. The tour begins in the Renaissance arcaded courtyard and leads through the castle pharmacy, armoury and chapel to the counts' living quarters. Visitors discover guest rooms and a unique porcelain collection in the former breakfast room. The tour provides an insight into life at the castle over the centuries.

Clam Castle

Aulehrpfad between Naarn and Au an der Donau

Distance: Start directly at the Donauhotel Lettnerhof
The Aulehrpfad, opened on 5 June 2016, is a circular trail in Naarn. One direction is labelled ‘Erlebensräume Machland’, the other ‘Lebensräume Machland’. The school project by HLFS St. Florian and HLUW Yspertal was created after the original path fell victim to flood defences. The municipality of Naarn is realising it as an adventure and theme trail.


Heritage house in Naarn

Distance: approx. 3.8 km | 6 min. journey time by car 
The FORUM NAARN cultural association was founded in 2012 with the aim of maintaining and revitalising the community-owned Heimathaus and preserving the local cultural heritage. The result is a small but fine museum with the possibility of organising cultural events.

Heritage house in Naarn

Town museum in Perg

Distance: approx. 6.0 km | 9 min. journey time by car 
The Heimathaus-Stadtmuseum Perg is open every Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 to 17:00 or by appointment. Our outdoor museum facilities, the Ratgöbluckn earth barn, the Scherer millstone quarry and the stone crusher's house can be visited as part of events and guided tours.

Town museum in Perg

Open-air museum Steinbrecherhaus in Perg

Distance: approx. 6.9 km | 12 min. journey time by car 
The stone crusher's house, a worker's dwelling, has been preserved on the site of the former Scherer millstone quarry. It is the last such building, built in 1802 and renovated in 2007. You can still get a very good idea of the living conditions of ordinary people here. Care has been taken to preserve the original character of the workers' dwelling house.

Open-air museum

Celtic village in Mitterkirchen

Distance: approx. 13.6 km | 17 min. journey time by car 
The open-air museum Celtic Village Mitterkirchen offers impressive attractions and exciting activities for the whole family. In the Hallstatt village complex with its 20 buildings, everyone can immerse themselves in the life of the people who lived here in Machland 2700 years ago.


Collegiate church in Baumgartenberg

Distance: approx. 15.4 km | 15 minutes by car 
The former collegiate church, also known as the ‘Cathedral of Machland’, is a baroque jewel with medieval building stages. Its foundation in the 12th century can be seen in the west wall with its Romanesque portal. During the Baroque period, the church was remodelled inside and out and harmoniously designed with a magnificent spatial effect.



Distance: approx. 19.7 km | 26 min. journey time by car 
The ‘Schwammerling’, a huge round granite rock, appears to be balancing on the stony ground. Its shape resembles an oversized mushroom and makes it the landmark of the Mühlviertel Nature Park. Children's explorers will find more fabulous granite stones on pram-friendly paths.


Doll's house museum in St. Thomas

Distance: approx. 20.8 km | 23 min. journey time by car 
A collection of the highest connoisseur standard awaits you! On display are 2500 antique porcelain dolls and everything the ‘doll's mum’ played with 100 years ago. You will be enchanted by a wide variety of different doll's houses and doll's houses and transported back in time. On 450 square metres we will give you a playful insight into the 19th century!

Doll's house museum

Luftg'selchter parish priest in St Thomas

Distance: approx. 23.8 km | 27 min. journey time by car 
The mummified corpse, also known as the ‘luftg'selchter Pfarrer’, is presumably the canon Franz Xaverius Sydler de Rosenegg (4 May 1709 - 2 September 1746). He was buried one day after his death, possibly from an infectious disease. The mummy can be viewed above the church and guided tours are available from the tourist office by prior arrangement.

Luft´selchter parish pirest


Holzwelten in Pabneukirchen

Distance: approx. 25.8 km | 28 min. journey time by car 
Since June 2008, Pabneukirchen has presented itself as a wood competence centre in the Strudengau wood and energy region. The ‘Wood Worlds’ exhibition, teaching and experience area and the showrooms of the two large joinery companies Anrei and Pabneu offer a comprehensive and varied picture of the natural product wood and its many uses and applications. Let yourself be enchanted by the diverse world of the forest, wood processing and the furniture showrooms!


Municipal theatre in Grein

Distance: approx. 26.8 km | 25 min. journey time by car 
Grein, the ‘golden town’ of the Middle Ages, enchants visitors with its nostalgic charm. The old town theatre is an outstanding highlight of European significance. Originally built as a granary, it was converted into a theatre in 1791 by theatre-loving citizens and has been regularly performed in ever since. Today, this preserved jewel from a bygone era attracts visitors from near and far.

Municipal theatre

City tour in Grein

Distance: approx. 26.8 km | 25 min. journey time by car 
Short city tour with a visit to the historic city theatre and parish church

Short city tour
Grand tour of the town with a visit to the town theatre, parish church and Greinburg Castle

Grand city tour

Maritime museum in Grein

Distance: approx. 26.9 km | 26 min. journey time by car 
Until a hundred years ago, shipping was the most important economic factor for the town of Grein and its stately castle. Grein was the last stop before the dangerous Danube valley, the Strudengau. Tolls, special loading and trading rights and the passing merchant traffic allowed the town to flourish and were the reason for the manorial construction of the castle.

Maritime museum

Kreuzen Castle in Bad Kreuzen

Distance: approx. 26.9 km | 30 minutes by car 
From the viewing plateau of the castle keep, the panoramic view extends over the romantic Danube valley of the Strudengau and Machland regions all the way to the Alps (from Schneeberg to Traunstein) and into the hilly Mühlviertel.

KreuzeN castle

Abbey Museum - Melk Abbey

Distance: approx. 85.7 km | 56 min. journey time by car 
The abbey museum in the former imperial rooms tells the story of the abbey's 925-year history through art treasures in a contemporary design under the title ‘On the way from yesterday to today’. The abbey's state rooms are masterpieces of Baroque architecture and offer a magnificent view of the Danube landscape. Melk Abbey Church is considered one of the most beautiful examples of high baroque architecture.

Stift Melk

Manner flagship store in Mauthausen

Distance: approx. 5.5 km | 8 min. journey time by car 
n the salt magazine opposite the pharmacy, Manner fans now have the opportunity to buy pink delicacies and merchandising articles.
The shop in Donaupark offers everything the sweet heart desires on over 160 m2.

Manner Flagship-Store

Pragstein Castle - Pharmacy Museum in Mauthausen

Distance: approx. 6.6 km | 9 min. journey time by car 
A toll station was mentioned here on the Danube in 1177. The settlement was later called ‘Muthusen’ and was granted market rights in 1280. The history of Mauthausen was characterised by the salt trade and the European stone industry. The local museum impressively documents this past.

Pharmacy Museum

Memorial in Mauthausen

Distance: approx. 10.4 km | 15 minutes by car 
Between 1938 and 1945, around 190,000 people from more than 40 nations were imprisoned in the Mauthausen and Gusen concentration camps or in one of the satellite camps. At least 90,000 people were killed. Today, the Mauthausen Concentration Camp Memorial is an international place of remembrance and historical and political education. 


Guided city tour in Enns

Distance: approx. 11.2 km | 15 min. journey time by car 
If you would like to find out more about the history of the town of Enns and its historical sites, then we cordially invite you to a guided tour of the town centre. Visit the most important sights in the town centre: town tower, courtyard of a town house, St. Mary's parish church with Wallseerkapelle chapel, Ennsegg Castle.

Guided city tour

Augustinian canons' monastery in Sankt Florian

Distance: approx. 21.4 km | 25 minutes by car 
The Augustinian canons' monastery of St. Florian is a cultural centre with Austrian baroque decoration. The impressive library, the marble hall, the Albrecht Altdorfer Sebastian altar, the Bruckner organ and the crypt with Anton Bruckner's sarcophagus are remarkable. St Florian's is internationally renowned as a place of pilgrimage, as St Florian and the famous composer Anton Bruckner found their final resting place here.

augustiner chorherrenstift

Upper Austrian Hunting Museum- Hohenbrunn Castle

Distance: approx. 22.1 km | 23 min. journey time by car 
Opened in 1967, the Upper Austrian Hunting Museum in Hohenbrunn Castle is one of the most important in the German-speaking world. The castle, the only documented building by Jakob Prandtauer, is a baroque idealisation of the Upper Austrian square farmhouse. The hunting museum exhibits historical artefacts such as weapons and pictures from four centuries that illustrate the development of hunting.

Upper Austrian Hunting Museum

Cineplexx cinema in Linz

Distance: approx. 26.6 km | 26 min. journey time by car 
Cineplexx Linz is the first Dolby Cinema in Austria. With the comprehensive modernisation of Cineplexx Linz, the first Dolby Cinema cinema in the German-speaking region was opened in November 2015! Experience spectacular images and breathtakingly realistic sound.


City of Haag Zoo

Distance: approx. 27.7 km | 27 min. journey time by car 
70 native and exotic animal species are at home in Haag Zoo. During a walk through our zoo you can marvel at this variety of animals and perhaps even touch one or two of them while feeding them. The Tierpark Stadt Haag has something for everyone. It presents itself in a different guise in every season thanks to the variety of plants and animals.

zoo haag

Linz Zoo

Distance: approx. 32.6 km | 34 min. journey time by car 
Linz Zoo on the Pöstlingberg offers an unforgettable animal and nature experience with a breathtaking view of the city. Around 600 exotic and native animals live on almost 4 hectares in beautifully designed outdoor enclosures and a modern tropical house. Those seeking relaxation can unwind and linger in the midst of lush greenery.

zoo linz

Grotto railway on the Pöstlingberg in Linz

Distance: approx. 34.8 km | 38 min. journey time by car 
A round trip on the Dragon Express through the Grottenbahn Linz on the Pöstlingberg takes visitors into the world of dwarves, forest animals and fairy tales. The Grottenbahn Linz enchants with scenes from famous fairy tales and takes you back in time on a stroll across Linz's main square at the turn of the century. The Grottenbahn Linz is a great excursion destination for families in summer and winter!


PlusCity shopping centre in Pasching

Distance: approx. 35.3 km | 36 min. journey time by car 
PlusCity is the largest shopping centre in Upper Austria and the third largest in Austria. It is located in Pasching on Kremstal Straße (B139) south-west of Linz and was opened on 19 October 1989. With a sales area of around 70,000 m², it houses 220 businesses and provides work for 2,100 employees. Customer frequency averages 20,000 people per day.