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The perfect hotel for concerts at Clam Castle

Our Hotel Lettnerhof offers you the ideal accommodation for your concert visit to Clam Castle. With a distance of only 18 km and a journey time of around 18 minutes by car, you can reach the venue quickly and easily. We will also be happy to help you organise your journey to Clam Castle, either by providing a shuttle service or arranging a taxi.

We welcome you with first-class service, comfortable rooms and a relaxed atmosphere to offer you a restful retreat after the concert. Enjoy a pleasant overnight stay with us before you experience the unique musical experience at Clam Castle. We look forward to making your stay unforgettable and offering you an all-round successful stay.

An extraordinary concert and event location

For more than three decades, outstanding concerts have been held every summer at Clam Castle in Upper Austria. This extraordinary concert and event location is one of the most spectacular in the whole of Austria and has earned a renowned reputation both domestically and internationally under the name ‘CLAM LIVE’.

The event series has already welcomed numerous national and international musicians and artists to the historic grounds below the medieval fortress. Two different stages are available here: One is located in the charming garden of the castle brewery, while the second is placed on the picturesque meadow of the Meierhof below the castle. Up to 9,000 concertgoers have the opportunity to experience the stars' performances in an unrivalled atmosphere on the Meierhof meadow.

In addition to its role as a unique backdrop for legendary open-air concerts, Clam Castle is also known for its historical significance and is one of the most beautiful castles in the whole of Austria. Impressively, the medieval fortress is still the residence of a count's family.